Buyers Are Demanding More

Extended views, enhanced comfort, and sustainable initiatives are in demand. Developers are differentiating by providing high-performance efficiencies coupled with luxury features.

One such feature is the balcony, cantilevering from the residence and adding square footage to the outdoor space. While balconies provide an advantage to gaining buyers, no feature is worth excessive future construction repairs and damaging your brand and image.

The Downside of the Balcony: Thermal Bridging

The most common issue is thermal bridging which causes cold floors, energy loss, and condensation damage. Therefore, when constructing a cantilevered balcony, thermal bridging must be dealt with to avoid cold floors, energy loss, and potential mold growth.

The thermal bridging issue has a long history of damaging results from leaky balconies to building envelope failures. The resulting moisture and mold damages extend from health and liability to property damages.

As the developer, you have the responsibility of the structural balcony and the repairs, which are commonly the first major maintenance and renewal costs.

These interior concrete floors penetrating through the wall to the exterior balcony requires insulation to avoid damages, limit heat loss and avoid cold floors at the interior. The solution the thermal bridging is a balcony divided with structural thermal breaks for balconies.


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